• Ever-longer operating times and ever-greater current densities lead to continuously increasing demands on equipment.
  • Optimal dehydration is the essential prerequisite for the health of your equipment.
  • The proven solution: the maintenance-free MTraB
The oil analysis devices of the MSENSE® DGA family provide ideal protection for transformers.
17%* of all transformer failures can be traced back to bushing defects, and are also the main cause for transformer fires
No matter whether you are looking for a solution for oil or winding temperature, bellow-type or Bourdon technology, our product range can help.
The oil level indicator consists of a sensor part (mounted directly to the vessel wall) and a display part.
The MTeC® series meets the entire range of potential requirements with absolute precision.
Pressure relief devices for transformers and on-load tap-changers.
MFLOC 2.0 detects pump failure in power transformer oil or water cooling systems immediately and reliably.
BUCHHOLZ-RELAY acts as a central protection system for liquid-filled transformers and reactors with oil conservator.
In the globalization era with its worldwide networking of multimodal transport routes, it is crucial to track and monitor shipments continuously.
Off-circuit tap changer (OCTC) or De-energized tap changer (DETC), is a tap changer utilized in situations in which a transformer’s turn ratio does not require frequent changing and it is permissible to de-energize the transformer system.
Our bushings are suitable to be installed on both power and distribution transformers.
Shutter valve prevents oil leaking from conservator
TBX Series of terminal boxes are more than a terminal plate. It is The latest and most innovative solution for connecting wires from CT
The RG3 gas collecting devices enable sampling the gas from the Buchholz relay and releasing gas from the system.
Traditional breathers are used for dehydrating the air before it enters the transformer.
The optimal solution for the easy and safe isolation of transformer piping components
List of all accessories which we provide as a india's leading instruments provider.