a) DT SERIES- for Distribution Transformers ≤ 36 kV

tap changers from DT series are specifically designed for applications where rated current is up to 200 Amps and voltage up to 36 kV. A wide range of solutions is offered, from switches with direct drive, up to cable applications, and also rotary tap changers: this series can cover almost any requirement in the field of Distribution Transformers

Due to the modular design and the multiple types of connections available, linear tap changers

combine compact size with high performances, allowing to optimize the design of the transformer.

090 type, the most popular solution among proposals for linear switches, represent a cost-efficient solution thanks to the easy installation and low weight: a limited amount of components is provided to the customer, which leads to a simplified assembling procedure on site and a maximum efficiency on applications up to 65 A, 36 kV. 090 series is the result of a series-manufacturing process which has been

completely designed and tested by engineers to guarantee the maximum reliability.

When a more mechanically robust design is needed on DT units, 095 ad 096 series are available for applications with rated current up to 200 A: 096 type has a modular design with fixed dimensions of the shaft – it can be either L=91 mm or L=131 mm – while 095 type offers the possibility to customize the shaft length, which is adjustable upon request. Solid Bakelite bars and stainless steel accessories make 095 and 096 an efficient product.

b) LDT SERIES- for Large Distribution Transformers ≤ 72,5 k

Large-Distribution Transformers with a maximum rated current of 1500 A and voltage 72,5 kV: this is the target of LDT series, a selection of tap changers that combine robust design with high performances

For applications up to 72,5 kV and 600 A, up to 9 positions, where a basic but reliable solutionis requested, 010 type is the perfect choice: it has a direct drive – handle or wheel – always placed at one side of the switch, and the shaft length can be cut-to-size according to the customer’s needs.

020 and 040 series are very flexible in the customization to guarantee a high levelof performance. As a matter of fact, the structure of these products is specifically designed to be solid and resistant, in order towithstand a high rating of current and voltage. The particular shape of flat contacts, for example, does withstand a rated current of 1500 A. The change of position is allowed by a complete rotation of the shaft, which ensure a high precision and avoids any displacement.

c) SPT SERIES- for Power Transformers 72,5 ≤ kV ≤ 245

For medium and large power units embraces a target of tap changers for rated voltage up to 245 kV, specifically designed in multiple columns with structural compactness. These tap changers can be highly customized and, in very special applications, C.A.P.T. can provide tailored solutions up to 20 positions.


030 series is designed to withstand “A” thermal class and rated voltage up to 245 kV. Reduced height thanks to the column structure and perfect insulation system complete the key features of this series, that is usually recommended for transformers with power above 50 MVA.