Shutter cut off Valves

The automatic conservator oil check valves DAROC Series DS and EDS-R have been designed to prevent the oil contained in the conservator from flowing out when a leak occurs and, for Series EDS-R, to signal this by an electric contact

  • Shutter valve prevents oil leaking from conservator
  • It works automatically based on valve setting
  • It has an electrical switch
  • It has a soft dumper to prevent intermittent operations

Main features of the DAROC check valve Series DS and EDS-R are:

It is fitted on the pipe from tank to conservator, in series with the Buchholz relay; so it can be used on conservators with free oil surface as well as on conservators with air bag; 

  • The operation is completely automatic; when, due to a leakage in the tank, the oil flow rate from conservator to tank exceeds a set value, the DAROC valve closes the pipe thus preventing the loss of the conservator oil; 
  • Should the DAROC valve trip unduly, because of a malfunction or of particular working conditions, a pre-set by-pas valve operates automatically and prevents the internal depression in the tank from becoming excessive; 
  • The DAROC check valve has to be rest manually after tripping; if requested an additional by-pass pipe allows to reset the valve from ground level. The shutting-off of the pipe between tank and conservator is always an abnormal operating condition; it is therefore preferable to choose the DAROC Series EDS-R check valve in order to have a warning by electric contact that the valve has tripped.

Product Data Sheet