Continually monitoring temperature is one of the most important tasks for ensuring the functionality, reliability, and operational readiness of a transformer. Two generic thermometer technologies – the Bourdon and the expansion bellows principle – have developed over the decades and are widely used today. MESSKO customers can obtain both these proven technologies from one source. The MESSKO BeTech thermometer range relies on proven bellow-type technology, while the MESSKO COMPACT and TRASY2 series are based on the well established Bourdon principle.


The MESSKO BeTech oil and winding thermometer with bellow-type technology comprises four main components: the temperature sensor, the capillary tube, the first expansion bellows for displaying the measurement and actuating the micro-switch, and the second expansion bellows for compensating for the ambient temperature. As with the Bourdon technology, the measuring system is filled with a liquid but is depressurized. With bellow-type technology, the intelligent interaction of the functional units ensures that the micro-switches are switched correctly.


The MESSKO COMPACT type series consists of two types of temperature measuring instruments which are compact and contain everything you need for the temperature measurement, display of the measured values, alarm messages, and remote indication of the measured values. No additional equipment is needed! An extra advantage is that the temperature sensors are quite small and fit in all standard transformer thermometer pockets and shafts.


The MESSKO TRASY2 thermometer range has been designed specially for measuring temperatures in distribution and power transformers. The TRASY2 series is a stand-alone, energy-independent indicator thermometer which uses micro-switches for various switching functions. The measured value is captured by a liquid-filled temperature sensor and is then transmitted via a spiral spring which is linked to an indicator axle. The thermometer has micro-switches with fully adjustable settings.