Bushings are liquid filled hollow core oil communicating electrical bushings designed in accordance with EN 50180 (old DIN 42531-2-3-4), EN 50243 (old DIN 42541), EN 50386 and DIN 42537 standards; characteristics and tests for this kind of insulated bushings are according IEC 60137.


Mainly used for insulating power transformers on the low-voltage side, SBC is the Safe, efficient and reliable, this bushing type anticipates future market requirements.

SBC series bushings are liquid filled (hollow core oil communicating) bushings designed in accordance with EN 50180. The insulating envelope is made of a fiberglass tube onto which a premium quality silicone is injected using a modern system based on liquid technology (LSR). Transformer oil fills the space between the rod and the fiberglass tube, increasing the electrical insulation and dissipating the thermal energy generated by the high current.

Due to excellent properties of the silicone insulating envelope (i.e. self-cleaning, hydrophobicity, UV radiation resistance, elasticity, etc.), this bushing is considered to be “maintenance free”. The low weight and elasticity of the silicone make the SBC bushing very easy to handle and mount, effectively reducing the risk of breakages and guaranteeing safe operations and a long service life.

The shape of the silicone shed profile along with the use of premium quality silicone allows the SBC bushing to reach creepage distances up to 1690 mm and be considered partial discharge-free.

SBC is designed for both indoor and outdoor applications, the SBC bushing series can even operate under extreme environmental conditions (i.e. very polluted areas, very cold/hot ambient temperatures, very corrosive/aggressive environments, etc.).


Bushing for the high-voltage side of distribution transformersHV BUSHINGS for Power Transformers HIGH-CURRENT BUSHINGS for Power Transformers. 
Maximum rated voltageFrom 12 kV up to 36 kVFrom 12 kV up to 52 kVFrom 24 kV up to 36 kV
Maximum rated currentFrom 250 A up to 630 AFrom 250 A up to 4500 AFrom 5000 A up to 12,5 kA
Nominal creepage distanceFrom 290 up to 1155 mmFrom 290 up to 1655 mmFrom 440 mm up to 1100 mm
Standard referencesDIN 42533 and EN 50180DIN 42533 and EN 50180EN 50243 and DIN 42537
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