• From the forward-looking, high-end application that both provides smart control for your fans and handles the central role in the monitoring and safety concept for your transformers as a networked measurement, analysis and communications unit to the stable control system that reliably carries out temperature management of your power transformers with all necessary basic functions
  • Whether implemented as a standalone product or integrated into a control cabinet solution customized for you
  • Whether it comes with or without a MControl®touch display


Setting new standards in power transformer cooling system control with the MTeC® EPT303. The modularly expandable, digital measurement unit impresses with highly intelligent solutions in the areas of safety, functionality and user-friendliness.

Developed from many years of experience, based on a completely new hardware and software platform and equipped standard with forward-looking features, the MTeC® EPT303 marks the switch from insulated cooling control to networked industry 4.0 application.


The user interface features intuitive operability and can be configured to meet individual needs. Alarm levels, triggers and warning notices can be configured as needed.


Up to seven freely configurable cooling stages can be activated via relay contacts. The activation can be periodical or based on the load. A cyclical cooling group change is also possible.


The MTeC® EPT303 ensures you are well-equipped for the future. A wide variety of sensors and actuators are supported; this includes Pt100 in 2 and 4-conductor types and all standard types of thermal elements. Long-term use is also ensured thanks to support for all major communication standards


The MTeC® EPT202 is a cost-effective, robust cooling control that includes all necessary functions for independently protecting and extending the service life of the transformer for years to come. The top oil temperature and load current are measured and this data is used to calculate the hot spot temperature in accordance with IEC 60076-7 or ANSI IEEE C.57.91. The estimated remaining service life of the transformer can be calculated by determining the hot spot temperature.


The MTeC® EPT202 is equipped with a self-monitoring function and a test function. All device functions can be accessed via the device software menu. The parameterization in four languages occurs via the visualization software.

The MTeC® EPT202 features internal data memory for up to 32,000 data records. All data is saved in Excel format and can be processed at any time.


The MTeC® EPT202 includes one analog output for the oil temperature and one for the winding temperature for various measuring ranges. A USB interface is available for parameterization and data readout. The RS485 interface is ideal for continuous communication with the visualization software.


With the MTeC® EPT202, different groups of fans can be controlled via the oil temperatures. Up to four cooling stages can be freely configured. The MTeC® EPT202 offers various options in terms of the type of activation:

  • Load cycle mode
  • Load current activation limit
  • Periodic cooling stage activation.